By “showing up,” we mean being fully present as a member of the community. More concretely, “showing up” often means attending events in our community spaces, being active, cultivating relationships with other members, contributing back in your areas of expertise, and taking on leadership roles within the community.

We are first and foremost a community of domain experts, learners, and principled humans who have come together to help each other with the common challenges we share.

Many join Jump Ship! before they have fully validated their ideas. Unlike a course or step-by-step program, there is no expectation members start or continue working for themselves. We encourage our members to take time to truly find work that matters to them.

Many of our members already work for themselves, and they want to test new ideas, learn from others, and find new sources of energy to keep going. Many write, create frameworks and tools, and share their knowledge as part of their services.

Above all, our members believe in the power of collective action. They know that when others are successful, the odds they will be too increases.