Jump Ship!

Our website, blog, and newsletter run on Ghost, an open source, independent platform run by a non-profit organization


  • Notion - the place where we write, capture research, organize programming, tracks products, and much more
  • Figjam — For whiteboarding and facilitating workshops
  • Loom – For async alignment 1:1 or with a group.
  • Zoom – It's 2024, you know what Zoom is
  • Google Drive – Document sharing, spreadsheets, and simple forms


  • Affinity Designer – The best design tool on the planet that doesn't require a subscription
  • Figma — For when we need to collaborate on high fidelity design


  • ConvertKit – For making and managing marketing funnels
  • Stripe – Used to process all credit card and invoice payments.
  • Zapier – Virtual duct tape to create a lot of automation steps between tools, basically to ensure a seamless experience for customers
  • Vimeo – video hosting to embed videos inside websites and communities without showing ads or the source url
  • Adobe Creative Cloud – Primiarly used for font licensing through their lowest cost option


Brennan Dunn's Mastering ConvertKit – Though a bit dated, it's an excellent course to learn the nuances of tagging, segmentation, and scoring so that you can get the most out of ConvertKit.