Do you want to Jump Ship! confidently?

We're sharing our first public version in early 2024. Yes, this is for you! Whether you’re a designer, a developer, an engineer, a product leader, or whatever title your company gave you this week, you want to be accountable to yourself for exploring entrepreneurship.

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✅ Who should attend:

  • ​Tech professionals looking to leave tech
  • ​Consultants hoping to find more meaningful work
  • ​Executives yearning to make something again
  • ​Bootstrappers, side hustlers, freelancers…

✅ Why you should attend:

  • You see a day where you get to determine when you make money and how you make money
  • You want to put your trust into yourself, not rely on others to keep you employed
  • You want to explore entrepreneurship intentionally so you can plan to work for yourself

✅ What you'll leave with:

Greg and Ryan will share their approach to building flexible companies of one (or two), enabling you to choose an entrepreneurial paths that fits your specific needs and desires.

You'll leave with your own:

  • ​​Conditions of Business Professional Success
  • ​​Service-Market Fit
  • ​Pricing Point Options that Meet Your Needs
  • ​Brand Positioning to Stand Out from the Crowd
  • ​Methods to Test Your Idea on the cheap

​​​Reviews from real human people!

"The content was incredibly useful. The exercises were wonderfully positive and helped me reframe my approach mentally."

"This poked a lot of necessary holes in my initial ideas and showed how not every service may be a viable business idea. This saved me a lot of time, money, and stress!"

​✅ Our agenda:

Why working for yourself is worth it:

  • ​We will review the core principles of multisolving, an intentional approach to set and meet personal and professional goals simultaneously.
  • ​We'll go over why so many entrepreneurs start on the wrong foot by forgoing business basics.
  • ​We'll help you validate your initial idea and intentionally push you to go more niche at the start.
  • ​We'll give you homework to analyze others doing similar things without feeling defeated.

Creating your first business pitch and getting feedback:

  • ​Every participant will give a pre-prepared 5-minute business pitch and then get feedback from the group.
  • ​You'll learn how to create a good business model and pitch that business to your audience.
  • ​We'll review how to market your business to your audience by developing a brand that stands out.

​​Turn your idea into a low-cost test with real people to get key signals and data if your idea is a good one

  • ​We'll review how to find pricing points that meet your real-world needs
  • ​You'll choose which service idea is the best one to test
  • ​We'll share how to test that idea cheaply
  • ​And more…

​​❌ What we won't do

  • ​​We’re not testing your business idea but helping you feel confident about what to test and how to test it
  • ​​We’re not prototyping your ideas but helping you figure out what to prototype
  • ​​We’re not conducting user research for you
  • ​​We're not diving deep into business structures, taxes, accounting, or legal stuff (yet)

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